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Tenant verification

Tenant rent verification service in Saint-Hyacinthe

If you want to ensure you select a tenant with the ability to pay the rent and who also has a good reputation, this service is for you. The verification service prior to the rental agreement will be a great tool in helping you make the right decision in the selection of your prospective tenant.

- Verification of credit file
- Confirmation of information received from applicant
- Criminal background check
- Civil division court background check

Verification request

A request for verification must be completed by the requester and signed by both parties.

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Consent request

A consent to disclose personal information must be signed by the tenant applicant

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The requester must make sure to positively identify the applicant with two valid pieces of id, one with a photo. A written report of the search results will be provided to you within 48 hours and / or at the time of payment.

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